ringing bells again gifted something big in market

Maker of world’s cheapest phone
Came up with a big surprise in the market
A day ago they launched the worlds cheapest 31.5inch screen LED tv
Costing 9,990INR only

The HD LED TV priced at 9,990INR thus bringing a new price revolution in consumer electronics good market

They also announced the start of phase wise delivery of much awaited “freedom251”

Ringing bells once again created a stir when they announced the launch of 31.5inch HD LED TV in a price that was way below the price of other such televisions available in the market,
They also launched 2smartphones, 4 featured phones and 3 powerbanks at the same time thus showing signs of  expantion plans in the near future..

The company cleared starting of phase wise delivery of freedom 251 from 8th june..they also said even if govt do not provide them any help, even then, they will keep providing the most awaited FREEDOM251  to maximum extinct they can……



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