PVR cinemas launched India’s first Digital Loyalty Card

PVR Cinemas, Indias largest and most premium film exhibition company marks its 20th year in business by introducing PVR PRIVILEGE!

The loyalty program offers members an enriched array of first class redemption opportunities and enhanced benefits. To support the launch of PVR Privilege, PVR is offering food & beverage vouchers of the same value as the activation fee, so that the membership is at zero cost to new members at its 131 properties nationwide comprising of 600 screens.

Benefits you get with the Program

  • With each purchase of movie ticket or beverage you will get cash back
  • Automated conversion of Reward points into vouchers that can be used to pay for tickets and F&B
  • Free credits during festive season
  • Can be connected with the app, just with a scan of the QR code on the card

PVR Privilege is a new initiative from PVR Cinemas, which has been at the forefront of constantly reinventing the movie watching experience in India.

PVR Privilege program is Indias first fully digital Cinema loyalty program and features first-in-category Virtual card, and QR-code powered vouchers for seamless interaction. The program is powered by a leading Analytics engine and Machine Learning algorithm at the back-end, which will allow generation of highly relevant personalized notifications and offers to members. It will be available at all PVR cinemas across the country (with the exception of PVR Directors Cut and PVR Opulent Mall, Ghaziabad), and members points and rewards are valid across all participating properties.

This program would function as the platform to power various marketing and promotional efforts and provide movie-lovers across the country with ever more reasons to keep coming back to PVR.

How to use the Privilege Card

  • PVR Privilege is designed as an Omni-channel program
  • Works seamlessly at Cinema locations as well as on PVR Website and mobile app

Easy Enrollment

  • Customer to give to a few details to Register into PVR Privilege
  • Customer to make Payment of INR 300 in order to Activate Membership
  • Immediately, they are sent F&B vouchers worth INR 300 on their mobile phone in lieu of the Activation Fee
    Membership comes at zero effective cost
  • Members get Virtual card via SMS link/inside the app; and never have to bother with a physical card again

Easy Accrual

  • Member to scan their virtual card at the cinema on every transaction in order to get points credited into their account
  • Members transacting from Website and Mobile app get points accrual automatically

Easy Redemption

  • When members points balance exceeds 50, their 50 points get converted into a voucher worth INR 50
  • Members transacting at cinemas need to scan their vouchers in order to apply them; online and mobile app customers get auto-prompt for voucher application



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