OPPO & VIVO to launch their first smartphone’s with iPhone X like notch design, lets see which one’s better

VIVO is coming up with the VIVO V9 and on the other hand OPPO is coming up with the OPPO F7. The VIVO V9 is going to launch on March 23 amd OPPO F7 on March 26th

Both the phone’s come with similar design but in terms of spec’s we do have a clear winner. Let’s see which one is better in terms of the leaked specifications.

we already shared an article regarding the launch of VIVO V9 yesterday , it’s just the previous post , you can read it out soon

VIVO V9 or OPPO F7 – which one will be the real OFFLINE MARKET DOMINATOR

both the phones come with similar looks and design but here’s the big thing

the OPPO F7 has a 25 MP selfie camera sensor and a 16 MP(single lens) rear camera sensor but on the VIVO V9 we get a 24 MP selfie camera which is going to be verymuch similar to OPPO F7’s camera but the big thing is that on the VIVO V9 we get a 16 + 5 MP rear camera for amazing portrait shots and great bokeh shots.

Other than that the VIVO V9 is much lighter than the OPPO F7. Only VIVO V9 supports DLNA standard enables easy sharing of music, photos, and videos over wifi. You can stream video from your DLNA supported device to your DLNA TV via WiFi.

In the V9 you get a separate dedicated slot for the micro SD card and on the OPPO F7 there could be a hybrid slot or no slot for SD CARD which Indian users hate because we usually use 2 sim cards and a micro SD card.

Renders include some great features too like AI face beautification mode in camera, face recognition for unlocking along with AR stickers along with a speedy fingerprint scanner on the rear side or could be the on screen Fingerprint scanner that VIVO showcased at MWC 2017 I’m very sure that most of these features won’t be there on the OPPO F7.


VIVO V9 has a plus point of capturing Bokeh, Portrait Shots but the OPPO f7 isn’t capable of this and VIVO’s User interface is time’s better then OPPO’s one.

Various features like AI face beautification mode in camera, face recognition for unlocking along with AR stickers are already there on the VIVO V9 and you won’t  not find them on the OPPO F7.

In terms of performance OPPO F7 is inferior to the VIVO V9 since V9 has a Snapdragon 626 and OPPO F7 has a mtk 6750 shipset.

VIVO V9 is obviously a better Smartphone while comparing with the OPPO F7


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