Honor 5C overall review

Hi guys
Here comes the complete review of the Honor 5C

The camera is simply awesome
Unexpectedly good , better then RN3
Similar to Moro g 4+(best camera phone under 15k)

Basic specs
13mp back camera and 5mp front
2GB ram , 16 GB Rom
Best part is KIRIN 650 Processor
No lags in gaming even on high performance , nill amount of heating issue
Weight : 156Gmail
Battery : 3000mAn
Size : 147.1mm * 73.7mm * 8.3mm
Display : 5.2inch FHD 1920*1080 ,GFF
UI is also good :EMUI 4.1
Overall design of the device is great
A full metal body with fingerprint scanner on the back
On the front we have notification light on the most right , then the camera next the speaker and a proximity sensor on the most left
Can be easily used by one hand
In this device we get on screen-nav bars
the ui is quite simple but has got many good animations
A new lock screen wallpaper comes everytime u lock or unlock the screen
Honor is the first company to take govt laws seriously as they are the first to add sos button in their device
We also get an app named hicare
Which connects u with your nearest service centers, hotline nomber.
Health is another amazing app
It provides you targets to walk / cycle / run
Device movement counts the number of steps you take with average speed
The gaming in this device is one of the best aspect to buy this device
No heating issue at all
Played NOVA 3 continuously for an hour
Battery performance
Standby is amazing 1% drain overnight on Wi-Fi , its good even on power saving mode
While gaming on wifi for an hour (NOVA 3)
Drained 20%
While watching a movie 7-8% per hr
Charges from 0-100 in 90 to 100 minutes
So its one of the best device you can buy for 11K…………… specially if you are a camera lover


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