Google announced YouTube live , a paid live TV service

It’s been long rumoured that Google will use YouTube to introduce a live TV service ,company has now confirmed those suspicions 
By launching the YouTube TV app

Currently YouTube live TV service is only available in US and can be availed for 35$ per month. Well,  we can say cable TV has got it’s biggest competitor

Well,  for now it will be only available at the places where it can offer full, live local broadcast without any interruptions
It includes places like LA, New York.

The service is fairly low cost with a family of 6 account available for 35$ and no long-term payments. With DVR that comes with endless crowd storage

And the best part is that it works on computer, Android, google home, chrome cast and iOS,

For now they have partnered with more then 40 networks 
Including CBS, fox, NBC and including some local cable networks like USA & FX .
YouTube TV channel lineup



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